Garbage Still Life

I happened upon this “still life” as I was wandering the streets of Troy, NY this past weekend. There were a bunch of odd, unrelated items, and it seemed like someone had placed things in this window in a way that seems thought-out and yet nonsensical at the same time. We’ve got the snorkel and yardstick propped inside the broken window frame, and below we’ve got a “45” record leaned up next to a lamp, a thermos, a red flare, a cassette tape, a corkscrew, and an outlet 3-prong converter. But that’s just in the window sill … scroll down to see what was positioned below it.

odd still life made of garbage, found in Troy NY

On the ground, on the top of two overflowing garbage cans, we’ve got a box of red and blue toothbrushes, and a Christmas figure who has a nice coat and hands, but no body or face. I don’t know, it just seemed like a bizarre collection of object all being thrown away at the same time and yet displayed somewhat like a still life.

odd collection of objects making up a garbage still life in Troy NY

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