An antidote to the music of Kenny G

We happened upon a video of musician Kenny G playing a duet with his son, Max G … we didn’t realize there was a second version of the curly-headed jazz-muzak king out there! We’re not big fans of Kenny G’s music, as it doesn’t have much to do with the type of jazz that we like, and so to think that the tradition of his music lives on with a mini-me version … it’s makes us ready to jump out of the elevator and away from the “easy listening” music as quickly as possible! So, in search of an antidote to this idea, we happened upon another band, whose name is a play on the original punk band “The Dead Kennedys,” and in this case it’s been tweaked to give us an applicable name to this situation: “The Dead Kenny G’s.”

Now don’t get us wrong, we have no ill wishes for Kenny G and his family. We just thought this would be a fun excuse to toss in a complaint about soft jazz and counter it with a band whose sound we really like.

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