This guy knows how to busk!

I received a notification that someone new was following Artsology on Twitter … and I saw that this person’s description was “Melbourne jazz/funk/fusion sax player and arts tragic.” I’d like to ask him what the “arts tragic” part means, but in the meantime I went to check out his music on YouTube and think that he’s pretty awesome. His name is Andy Sugg, and the title of this video says that he’s “busking.” I wasn’t sure if that was Australian slang (which I now know it’s not), but what it simply means is that he’s doing a street performance with the hope of receiving tips.

Here’s Andy busking with drummer Chris Mann … check out the guy at the one minute mark who gets so excited by the music that he wraps his arms around his girlfriend and starts patting her on the rear, only to proceed to dance and hop around – at least he gave a tip for his appreciation of the music!

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