Human-octopus basketball players by John Wesley

Being a basketball fan, it’s a natural that I would like this quirky painting by artist John Wesley, seen at last week’s Armory Show. The eight legs makes me think of an octopus, and it’s just a fun image. But here’s a question for those of you who are sneaker-hounds: what’s wrong with this image? Scroll down below the image to get the answer.

a painting of 4 basketball players by artist John Wesley

Here’s what I noticed: look at the first guy’s shoes, track his skin color to make sure you’re looking at the same pair of shoes: the left foot clearly has a “Pony” brand high top, while his right foot has what looks more like a Nike Swoosh. You may think I’m stretching this interpretation a bit, but look at all of the other Pony shoes depicted: they all have the sharp, crisp angle at the bottom, except for that right foot, where it’s more curved. What do you think, was Wesley just a little careless with one Pony logo, or was it meant to be Nike? Either way, let’s just hope you have more important things to spend your time thinking about today.

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