The art of making toys real – a Hot Wheels car!

The art of making toys real - a Hot Wheels car!


Most kids, perhaps mainly boys, will have played with Hot Wheels cars at some point in their childhood. I certainly did, and still have a few hanging around, including my Batmobile, Suzuki GSX/R-4, and vintage 1970’s “Sand Crab” dune buggy, pictured below.

Hot Wheels cars, including the Batmobile, Suzuki GSX, and a Dune Buggy

But when I was at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show last month, I saw that Chevrolet has made something that they call “Hot Wheels for Real” (they’ve even trademarked the phrase), which is also referred to as the “Chevrolet Hot Wheels Camero Concept Car.” The idea of being able to drive a real “Hot Wheels” car seems pretty fun, but it was the unique “chrome green” finish that I found visually stunning.

Why are we covering cars on an art blog? Here’s our explanation.

chrome green Chevrolet Hot Wheels Camaro Concept Car

It’s a cool car, but does it seem kind of dorky to have the “Hot Wheels” emblem on there? I guess they need to do that. I’m too distracted by that gorgeous finish, however.

camaro and hot wheels logos on the side of the concept car

This view makes it look like something out of a James Rosenquist painting:

Hot Wheels concept car that looks like a James Rosenquist painting

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