Don’t be confused, here’s our explanation

You may have noticed a lot of Ford-related and car-related posts recently … please don’t be confused, Artsology is and always will be an arts blog, covering interesting things in the worlds of visual art, music, literature, and other miscellaneous things that we find creative. Creativity … that’s really our bottom line, we blog about things that make us excited, inspired, and push our imagination. That being said, the reason for our recent car-related posts is due to the fact that Ford Motor Company invited us out to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show this past weekend, wanting to share with us their creativity, ideas, and designs. We came away from the Auto Show (along with Ford’s corresponding “Ford NAIAS Innovation and Design Fantasy Camp”) with a lot of interesting creative content, over 400 pictures and lots of new respect for car design. We’d like to share it with you and open your mind (as ours have just been opened) to the idea that car design can be a type of art form. Matter of fact, some of the car designers we met even referred to themselves as sculptors, describing what they do as creating an object (albeit a functioning one) with which they obsess over form and the way the object reflects light (more on this later).

Take a look at some of the pictures below … do you share our opinion that these objects have great design and are beautiful? Do they interest you like they do us? We hope so, but we’ll be sure not to over-do the car angle and keep injecting some regular art and music content here as well.

images of cars from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

images of cars from the 2012 NAIAS

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