Snapshots from NJ on 9/11

Took a bike ride up to the Eagle Rock 9/11 Memorial, and took a few pictures along the way. There was a nice string quartet there, playing solemn and peaceful music which gave an extra dimension to the distant view of NYC where the Twin Towers once stood. Below are a few snapshots from this trip, including a new World Trade Center artifact (below right) which was dedicated today on the 10th anniversary. Notes for this artifact reads: “This piece of steel and concrete is from the foundation of the Twin Towers, first bombed in 1993 and destroyed in 2001. It rests here as a reminder that America, full of freedom and possibilities, will survive and flourish, and that the people who were directly impacted by this heart-breaking tragedy will forever remain in our hearts and minds.”

3 flags hung outside an apartment in Montclair on 9/11

rose alongside names of WTC victims at Eagle Rock Memorial in Orange, NJ

fragment from WTC at Eagle Rock 9/11 Memorial in New Jersey

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