A wall mural of Yankees baseball cards … find the duplicate!

At the former (now closed) ESPN Zone in NYC, they used to have a wall mural of baseball cards featuring New York Yankees. Having collected cards as a kid, it was kind of fun to see over a thousand cards mounted to the wall in a huge mural … stepping back and seeing it from a distance almost turned it into an abstract work of art, as one had to get up close to see names and faces and identify the players.

In this section of the mural, it features well-known greats such as Elston Howard, Sparky Lyle, Dave Winfield, Goose Gossage, Lindy McDaniel, and Wade Boggs, among others, but it’s a lesser-known Yankee, a pitcher who compiled a 5-11 record in only 76 games over 6 seasons, who somehow gets his card included in here twice (the same card, at that). Can you find him?

a wall mural of Yankees baseball cards at the former ESPN Zone in NYC

Answer: Bill Short, 1961 card, shown twice near the center of the mural in 2nd row from top and 2nd row from the bottom – see him?

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