Can you figure out this date?

Read the text in the art piece below … with these clues, can you figure out the date of this artist’s birthday? (answer at the bottom)

This art work is by George Widener, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the date described in this work. He showed clear signs of autism as well as being gifted as a child. It wasn’t until adulthood that he was diagnosed as having a high-functioning autism known as Asperger’s Disorder. He has the ability to perform incredibly complex calendar calculations in mere seconds. He can almost instantly determine the day of the week for any date in history or far in the future and has incredibly detailed knowledge of historical events. George found a release for the constant swarm of numbers in his head through the act of making art. Widener is defined as a type of “Outsider” artist, as he never studied art history and he does not have any formal training in fine art.

Okay, have you figured out his birth date yet? Let’s go backwards: the 2nd half of the last century started in 1950. The 2nd decade of the 2nd half of the century would have been the 1960’s. The 2nd year of that decade would be 1962. The 2nd month is of course February, and the 2nd Thursday of February, 1962 just happened to be February 8, 1962.

outsider art by George Widener

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