How many of these people can you identify?

This grid of paintings was part of an exhibition of art made on Metrocards which we covered here; our question to you is: how many of these people can you identify? Most of them are people involved in the art world; however, the bottom right goes against that generality. We’ll let you take a guess first, then below the picture we’ll put the names of those that we do recognize.

portraits of artists and other personalities painted on Metrocards

Let’s number these pictures from 1 to 12, starting at the top left. Here’s the ones we know:
1. Don’t know
2. David Hockney
3. Don’t know
4. Alex Katz
5. Don’t know
6. Profile portrait of Alex Katz
7. Chuck Close
8. Andres Serrano
9. Larry Rivers
10. Jean-Michel Basquiat
11. David Hockney
12. The Dalai Lama

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