Sign a petition to keep the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA

We’ve had the Barnes Foundation on our mind a lot since our visit there this past Sunday. It’s quite distressing to think about the politicians manipulating the circumstances to come up with their reasons (money, money, and more money) for wanting to move the collection to Philadelphia, especially when one hears facts such as “they will be spending $200 million dollars to move a collection approximately 5 miles away.” Or another: “one can take the train from downtown Philadelphia to Merion in exactly 11 minutes, and then a short walk to the Foundation.” The current location of the Barnes Foundation is more than just a building holding a magnificent art collection, it’s an environment including art, architecture, and horticulture (there is an arboretum and a horticultural school on the grounds as well). Dr. Barnes described the ensemble as “indivisible,” and specified in his will that the collection never be moved.

Please sign this petition to state your opposition to the moving of the Barnes Foundation. Learn more about this issue at

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