Answers for the arts game "Find 5 Things That Are Different: Henri Rousseau"

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Below left is the original baseball card, and below right is our altered version, with the 5 things that we changed circled in blue. From left, we have:

  1. The building in the background is now much taller.
  2. I removed the red horizontal line above his baseball cap.
  3. The center line going down the catcher's chest protector is now much shorter.
  4. The opening on the glove on his right hand has been filled in.
  5. I changed the direction of his left foot.

Baseball card from 1887, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Altered version of a Baseball card from 1887, showing the 5 changes we made

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Here's another one: look for 5 things we changed in this painting by Henri Matisse.

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The image of the 1887 baseball card comes courtesy of the Open Access program at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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