Answers to the Auguste Renoir Game

If by chance you've arrived at this page before playing the game, make sure to go back and play the game first! If you're here to check your answers, continue onward ...

We took the original painting titled "Two Young Girls at the Piano," from 1892, by Auguste Renoir, and made five changes to it. We've circled and numbered the five changes in our altered version of the painting below left, which include the following:

  1. We airbrushed out the painting that was hanging on the wall.
  2. We changed the color of the girl's hair ribbon from blue to purple.
  3. We gave the girl seated at the piano a bracelet.
  4. We added the piano maker "Steinway & Sons" logo to the side of the piano.
  5. We added a detail from a Cezanne painting to the cover of this magazine.

The altered Renoir painting with our changes:

Circled and numbered items changed by us in this painting by Auguste Renoir

A look at the true version of Renoir's "Two Young Girls at the Piano."

Two Young Girls at the Piano, an 1892 painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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