Arts Investigations

Page 4 of our arts investigations collection. These features cover a variety of arts topics and ideas for general interest or that can be used by teachers to integrate with their lesson plans in the classroom. Check back often as we have an ever-expanding collection of free arts education resources!

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Hyper Realist sculpture at the 2011 Armory Show

Hyper Realist Sculpture

An overview of hyper realist sculpture seen at the Armory Show.

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Walker Evans subway photographs and the act of taking discreet photographs

Walker Evans' Candid Camera

A look at the subway pictures of Walker Evans and discreet photography.

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Stuart Davis Champion paintings and Champion Spark Plugs logo

Stuart Davis Champion

A look at Stuart Davis Champion paintings and his source material.

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Learn about Navajo Sand Painting

Navajo Sand Painting

Learn about Navajo Sand Painting as a healing ritual.

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Learn about George Steinmetz and his aerial photography

George Steinmetz

Learn about photographer George Steinmetz and his aerial photography.

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Interview with mixed media artist Fred Fleisher

Fred Fleisher Interview

Artsology interview with artist Fred Fleisher.

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Famous meals depicted in art history

Famous Meals in Art

A look at famous art works depicting people having meals.

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An analysis of Van Gogh drawings to determine whether real or fake

Van Gogh Drawings

Analyzing Van Gogh drawings for authenticity.

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Famous art works are being seen in pieces of food

Art in Food

Images of famous art are showing up in my food!

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Analyze several different portraits of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Portraits

We compare 8 different portraits of Shakespeare.

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An introduction to Rumba music and performer Chano Pozo

Rumba Music

An introduction to Rumba music and Chano Pozo.

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graffiti style art covering a Smart Car by Billy the Artist

Smart Car, Art Car

A Smart Car covered with art by Billy the Artist.

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