How does one depict "silence" in art?

This page is to be used in conjunction with Art & Jazz: Charlie Haden, "Silence." The art project on that page is to create an art work that suggests "silence." Here is a collection of some paintings that we think could be interesting ideas of how "silence" might be visualized. Scroll down to see the full collection. Do you agree with our picks?

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Mark Rothko, Four Darks In Red, 1958

Four Darks in Red by Mark Rothko

Claude Monet, Houses of Parliament, 1904

Houses of Parliament, by Claude Monet

Anselm Kiefer (title and date unknown)

art by Anselm Kiefer

Pablo Picasso, Mother and Child, 1902

Mother and Child blue period Picasso painting

Gerhard Richter, Skull with Candle, 1983

Skull with Candle by Gerhard Richter

Two paintings by Francesco Clemente (titles and dates unknown)

Francesco Clemente art works

Gustave Courbet, Sunset on Lake Leman, 1874

painting by Gustave Courbet

We hope these paintings gave you some ideas on how you can portray silence in your own art work ... but don't copy them, please try to come up with your own representation of silence.

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