Art in the Kitchen

Artsology has noticed the recent headlines about images being found in food - first there was the image of the Virgin Mary found on the grilled cheese sandwich, then there was the Philadelphia Eagles logo found in the bowl of cereal right before the Super Bowl, and now a McDonalds french fry that looks like Abraham Lincoln (scroll down to see these beauties at the bottom of the page).

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I was in the kitchen and noticed that my food looked particularly artistic today ... I was ready to eat this chip, when suddenly, it reminded me of the masterpiece painting Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci!

Mona Lisa face seen on a Doritos chip

Then I was ready for some fruit, and when I went to grab a juicy pear, I noticed something funky near the bottom of the pear.

Those weird bruises makes me think Henri Matisse was playing with this fruit! They sure look like his famous Icarus, which is plate VIII from the illustrated book, "Jazz."

Henri Matisse Jazz painting seen on pear

Here's the items mentioned at the top of the page, from left: The Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich; the Philadelphia Eagles logo found in a bowl of cereal; and a french fry that looks like Abraham Lincoln ... now you can see why I was inspired in such a ridiculous manner to create my "art food."

virgin mary on a grilled cheese sandwich

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