Answers to what we changed in our Arcimboldo-inspired 16th Century Portrait

This is the answer page for our Arcimboldo-style Portrait "What Did We Change" game ... if you've happened upon this page before playing the game, go back and see the arts game page first!! Otherwise, scroll down and we'll show you the five things that we changed.

Here are the five things that we changed:

  1. We took the leaf that was the "ear" in "Spring" and placed it on top of the head of "Summer."
  2. There used to be a piece of fruit for the "cheek" in "Summer," but we replaced it with a flower from "Spring."
  3. We have taken the elements that made up the mouth and lips from "Spring" and used them as the same for this portrait.
  4. The upside-down flower that made the "nose" in "Spring" is now positioned by the neck of "Summer."
  5. We replaced the vegetation at the back of the neck with flowers pulled out of the "Spring" portrait.
  6. Answers to our Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired altered portrait

If it helps to revisit the image of "Spring and Summer" to better understand these changes outlined above, here's a second look at the original:

A Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired double portrait featuring flora from those seasons

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