Arcimboldo-inspired 16th Century Portrait: What Did We Change?

This art work below is titled "Spring and Summer: two heads made from flora typical of those seasons," and is an etching by an anonymous 16th (or early 17th) Century Italian artist who is clearly inspired by the art of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. You can click here to learn more about this original art work, but please scroll down for the observational challenge we are putting in front of you!

Here is the original etching. Look very closely at both profile "heads." Notice specific details about both, and then scroll down to see our altered version of "Summer," the portrait on the right. We've taken 5 things out of the "Spring" portrait on the left and hidden them within our new version below. Can you find the five things we've changed?

A Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired double portrait featuring flora from those seasons

Feel free to look back at the original above, but this is our altered version of the "Summer" portrait based on the artistic style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Look for and see if you can find the five things that are different here ... and when you're ready, you can check your answers here. Look very closely ... we've done our best to make the five elements that we took out of the "Spring" portrait fit as closely as possible into what we took out of "Summer."

arts game where you try to find 5 things changed in this Arcimboldo-inspired portrait

Okay, are you ready to check your answers?

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