Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Animal Face Game - How Many Can You Find?

We've got a fantastic painting here by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 - 1593) titled "Water," which is from his series called "The Four Elements," painted in 1566. As you can see, the face is made up of a number of fish and other sea animals, including a crab, turtle, lobster, and an octopus, among many others. We're not sure exactly how many sea life animals are in this "portrait" - we challenge you to count and identify as many as you can find!

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Guiseppe Arcimboldo painting of the Water Element as part of his Four Elements Series

Painting above: Giuseppe Arcimboldo: "Water," from "The Four Elements," a series of paintings created by Arcimboldo in 1566 during the Renaissance.

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