The Animal Face Game - How Many Can You Find?

Here is an Arcimboldo-inspired portrait (by an unknown artist) which presents you with a fun challenge: how many animals can you find depicted in the face shown below? We'll tell you the answer: there are 28 animals, and we'll even give you a list ... but the question is, can you find them all?

Here's the list of the 28 animals included in this image; mark them off when you find them: goose, elephant, hedgehog, chameleon, dolphin, snail, gopher, fox, sloth, crocodile, thrush, snake, turtle, whale, kangaroo, boa, parrot, shellfish, pelican, starfish, grasshopper, horse, hare, tiger, monkey, bird, peacock, and bear.

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An optical illusion of a human face made up of 28 different animals, in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo

Check out our other "animal face" game, featuring the painting "Water," 1566, by Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We think you'll agree that this artist's animal face (above) was inspired by the art of Arcimboldo.

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