Here's what's wrong with this painting by Andrew Wyeth

As you saw in the last page, we made six alterations to Andrew Wyeth's 1948 masterpiece "Christina's World." Scroll down to see the answers to this arts puzzle, along with a look at the original painting.

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Our six changes to Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

Here are the answers to our altered Andrew Wyeth painting:
1. This is an extra house on the horizon, it's actually lifted from an Edward Hopper painting.
2. This deer is not in the original painting by Wyeth.
3. The house, which is in the real painting, did not have a flag pole outside.
4. This man walking away from Christina is indeed from a Wyeth painting, but not this one.
5. The tree is an addition to this horizon.
6. No farmers in the original painting - this guy is an extra.

And here's the original, so you can see the real thing!

The original Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

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