American Gothic Tic Tac Toe

There's a family dispute between the characters from Grant Wood's famous painting "American Gothic," and they're going to settle their disagreement with a game of tic tac toe. You play as the daughter, and try to outwit the father (scroll down for more info on this famous painting). Click on a square to start the game, and place 3-in-a-row to win!

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Top-Left Top-Center Top-Right
Middle-Left Middle-Center Middle-Right
Bottom-Left Bottom-Center Bottom-Right

Victory totals or ties:
American Gothic Daughter 
American Gothic Father 

First thing, I think most people see this painting and assume the couple is husband and wife. But in fact, Grant Wood was portraying them as an Iowa farmer and his daughter. The idea for the painting came when Grant Wood visited the small town of Eldon in Iowa. There he spotted a little wood farmhouse (below right), with a curved 2nd floor window, made in a style called "Carpenter Gothic." The models for the painting are actually Grant Wood's sister and his dentist, and he dressed them to look like a farmer and a daughter as they might look if found in an old family photo album.

Below left is the full view of Grant Wood's American Gothic from 1930, and below right is the actual house in Eldon, Iowa, which serves as the background to the famous painting!

American Gothic by artist Grant Wood

the actual house that is painted in the background of Grant Wood's American Gothic

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