About Artsology: the seed for the idea

When I was a teenager I was in the school band, and we played all of the standard fare. However, our teacher offered an extra-curricular jazz band, and I joined. I was soon learning about swing, fusion and be-bop, and for a kid used to listening to Top 40 pop music and classic rock, this was an eye- (and ear-) opening experience. This teacher made an extra effort, far beyond his formal teacher responsibilities, to expose us to music we may not have otherwise heard. I truly believe this had a major impact on my life, opening my mind to different thoughts and ideas.

Mission Statement

Artsology aims to expose kids to cultural figures and ideas in the hope of having a similar positive effect. We cannot expect to be a thorough and comprehensive source of all things artistic, but hope to provide a gateway or springboard to further investigation and enjoyment of the arts.

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Our Awards

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