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2023 finds Artsology celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Artsology has been engaging kids of all ages in the arts via fun arts games and activities since 2003. We have over 100 art games, as well as more than 100 arts investigations which can been used as art education resources by art teachers in the classroom, by homeschooling parents, and sometimes just for fun and interest! Teachers and homeschooling parents also love our collection of Printables (75 and counting), including mazes, board games, word finds, crosswords, and more! Also, make sure to check out our exclusive series, The Arts Adventurer, in which we "look for art that doesn't come with white walls or an audio guide." Below are a highlighted selection of art games, arts ed resources, and arts adventures.

"Artsology has been rated as one of the top 15 art teaching and learning websites by our research team."

- Tingting (Windy) Wang, Ph.D., Department of Art, Rowan University

Most Popular and Recommended Games List:

A selection of our features:

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New! Traffic Dodger Game

Traffic Dodger Game, similar to Frogger

Try our new Traffic Dodger Game, which is spin-off of Frogger. We also look at art by Hiroshige and Winslow Homer as related to the visual aspects of the game.

Play now!

Sand Painting Game v3: Deluge

Play version 3 of the Sand Painting Game: Deluge

Try our new Sand Painting Game, Version 3: Deluge! A flood comes down, what will you do with it?

Try it now!

Sandpainting Game v2

Play version 2 of the Sand Painting Game

Version 2 of our popular Sandpainting Game! Includes more options to control elements.

Play now!

Color Cube Game XL Version

The Color Cube Art Game, XL Version

The XL version of our popular game, meant for large screens.

Click here to play now!

Van Gogh Baby Go!

Play the Van Gogh Baby Go Game!

Move Van Gogh's baby through the landscape and advance through 5 levels of play!

Click here to play now!

New! Drip Painting Pole Vaulter Game

Play the Drip Painting Pole Vaulter Game

Use your pole vault to move through the drip painting environment - how far can you go?

Play it now!

New! Interactive Painting Game

Play the Interactive Painting Game

Try our new interactive painting game!

Play it now!

New! Egyptian Sculpture Game

Play the Egyptian Sculpture 5 Differences game

Find 5 things that are different between these two versions of an Egyptian tomb sculpture!

Play now!

Find 5 Things We Changed

an arts games for kids where you need to find 5 things changed in an Arcimboldo-inspired portrait

Can you find 5 things that we changed in this Guiseppe Arcimboldo-inspired etching? Play Now!

Georges Seurat's La Grande Race

Play the Georges Seurat La Grande Race Game!

Race your car and avoid collisions in the Georges Seurat La Grande Race Game!

Click here to play now!

BugEyes Abstraction Game

The Bugeyes Abstraction Game

Make abstract art works with bugeyes! Endless fun possibilities with this game!

Click here to play now!

Drip Art Game

Drip Art Game - make interactive art

Create your own Drip Art work using this interactive art game.

Click here to make drip art!

De Stijl 4-in-a-Row Game

De Stijl 4-in-a-Row Game

Place 4 color pieces in a row to win, featuring Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld.

Click here to play now!

Mary Jean Canziani

Interview with artist Mary Jean Canziani

An interview with Mary Jean Canziani, who paints on book covers.

Click here to read the interview.

Egyptian Art Maze

Print and play arts maze featuring ancient Egyptian art

Help the cat catch the birds and then get to the bed for a cat nap!

Click here to print-and-play!

The Color Cube Art Game

Create interactive art online with the Color Cube Game

Create designs and images with the interactive Color Cubes Art Game.

Play now!

Graffiti Challenge Game

Play the Graffiti Challenge Game in NYC

An interactive graffiti game that takes you through NYC looking for walls to tag.

Click here to play now!

Find 5 Things: Rousseau

Guess 5 things we changed in this painting by Henri Rousseau

We made 5 things different in this painting by Henri Rousseau - find them!

Click here to play now!

Guess the Artists Game

Guess the 10 Artists Game

We used 10 different artists to make up this composite portrait - can you name them all?

Click here to play now!

Edgar Degas Dancer Maze

Print and play the Edgar Degas Dancer Maze

Find your way out of this Edgar Degas art maze.

Click here to print and play now!

Gerhard Richter Painting

a video showing Gerhard Richter making an abstract painting with his squeegee

Watch the process with which Gerhard Richter makes his abstract paintings.

Watch the video

Art History Games #3

Print and play the Art History Mini Games and Activity Sheet

A collection of 4 different art history-related mini-games.

Print and play!

Who Painted That?

can you ID famous paintings with the subject airbrushed out?

Can you ID which artist painted each altered famous painting? Play game now!

Graffiti Challenge Game

Play the Graffiti Challenge Game in NYC

An interactive graffiti game that takes you through NYC looking for walls to tag.

Play this game now!

New! Degas: Which 2 Don't Belong?

Play the Which 2 Degas Dancers are Different game

Which 2 Degas dancers don't belong? Study them closely and see if you can figure it out.

Play this game now!

Hiroshige Puzzle Set

Online set of 5 puzzles featuring art by Hiroshige

A set of 5 interactive puzzles featuring Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige. Click here to play!

New! Spiral Art Game

Play the Spiral Art Game!

Make unique art works using our Spiral Art Game! Click here to try it!

New! Drawing with Lightning

Cool game online where you can draw with lightning bolts

An interactive game where you can "draw" with lightning bolts! Play game now!

Monster Maze

Print and play monster maze game featuring a carved dagger handle from the 1300s

A maze featuring a carved dagger handle from the 1300s. Get this maze!

Renoir Art Game

The Auguste Renoir Art Game

Can you find 5 things that we changed in this painting by Renoir? Play game now!

Escape from the Bosch Underworld

Play the Escape from the Bosch Underworld art game for kids

Can you find your way out of the Hieronymus Bosch Underworld?

Play now!

Artist Roundtable Game

The Artist Roundtable Game

Direct the artist portrait ball towards matching balls to clear the board. Play Now!

Georges Seurat Puzzles

Georges Seurat Puzzles Arts Game

Interactive puzzle game featuring paintings by Georges Seurat - 5 different puzzles!

Click here to play now!

Shapeshifter Art Game

The Shapeshifter Art Game

Create unique designs and see the shapes shift as you add more - experiment and create!

Click here to play now!

Egyptian Art Pinball

Egyptian Art Pinball, an online artsy pinball game for kids of all ages

Online pinball game featuring Egyptian art. Play now!

Art in the Parking Lot

Finding unexpected abstract expressionist art on the surface of a parking lot

A simple parking lot reveals abstract expressionist art works! See more here.

Egyptian Word Find Game

Print and play the Egyptian Word Find Game

A print-and-play word find with ancient Egyptian words and names. Play now!

Michelangelo Maze

The Michelangelo Maze

Help find the path from Michelangelo's creative mind down to his hand which executes the art-making! Try the maze!

O'Keeffe Flower Puzzles

Play the Georgia O'Keeffe Flower Puzzle game

A collection of 5 puzzles featuring flower paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe. Play now!

Motion in Art

A look at how artists portray motion in art

How do artists portray motion in art? Read more ...

Peruvian Moche Maze

Print and play maze game featuring Peruvian Moche ceramics

Help reunite the boy with his cat! A maze featuring Peruvian Moche ceramics. Get this maze!

Hieronymus Bosch Escapade

Play the Hieronymus Bosch Escapade game

Move your Bosch character (and its clones) through multiple levels in this game! Play now!

Big 3 Match Game

Play the Dali, Picasso, and Van Gogh Match Game

Select groups of Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh portraits to clear the board! Play now!

American Gothic Game

Play the American Gothic Tic Tac Toe game

The farmer father and his daughter from Grant Wood's famous painting match wits in a game of tic tac toe. Play Now!

Dali Melting Clock Toss Game

Play the Salvador Dali Melting Clock Toss Game!

Enter a surrealist landscape and experiment with Salvador Dali and his melting clock!

Play here!

Art Amongst the Dead and Buried

view of the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris

Exploring the Cimetiére du Montparnasse in Paris and seeing amazing sculptures alongside the gravestones. See more ...

New! The Art of Espalier Trees

Learn about the Art of Espalier Trees

Learn about the medieval art of espalier trees - how did they grow like this?
Read more

New! Cezanne Maze Game

Print and play the Cezanne Maze Game

Find your way through Cezanne's painting of the hill town Gardanne. Play Now!

New! Animal Sculpture Crossword

Print and play the Animal Sculpture Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the crossword puzzle by identifying the animals in the pictures? Try this crossword!

Matisse Word Guess Game

Play the Matisse Word Guess Game

Henri Matisse challenges you to a word guess game featuring his art. Play Now!

Sand Painting Game

The Sand Painting Game

A never-ending interactive falling sand game - create your own sand art!

Click here to play now!

An introduciton to the original Fun Books series

Check out our series of Vintage Fun Book Games.

The Van Gogh Collection

Van Gogh arts education resources compiled in one list

A colllection of 13 different Vincent Van Gogh features from throughout our site in one place! See it now!!

Art History Lost and Found

Art history Lost and Found Game

Can you identify which artists used these things in their famous paintings?

Click here to play now!

De Chirico & Friends Game

Play the De Chirico and Friends Game

A search-and-find game featuring Giorgio De Chirico & Friends.

Click here to play now!

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin sculptures

A look at pumpkin sculptures and the art of Yayoi Kusama. Watch the video.

The Art Thief Game

The Art Thief Game - can you steal the masterpieces?

The Art Thief is looking to steal a few masterpieces ... Play Now!

Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh Match Game

Play the Dali, Picasso, and Van Gogh Match Game

Find groupings of Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh and try to clear the board!

Click here to play now!

Interactive Drawing Game

Play the Interactive Drawing Game, where you create art works with your mouse, trackpad, or finger on mobile devices

Try out our new interactive drawing game ... the drawing "grows" as you move your computer mouse! Click the screen to clear and draw some more!

Click here to play now!

Color Optical Illusions

Optical illusion created with color and using Edvard Munch's Scream as an example

Optical illusions created with colors and Edvard Munch's Scream - see more here.

Joan Miro Puzzle Collection

Solve 5 different puzzles featuring art by Joan Miro

Solve 5 different interactive puzzles featuring Joan Miro and his art. Play now!

The Arts Adventurer in New Orleans

Louis Armstrong sculpture in New Orleans airport

The Arts Adventurer takes a long weekend to enjoy the art, music - and food - of New Orleans. See more ➤

Graffiti Match Game

Montmartre Graffiti Match Game

A match game featuring graffiti and street art from Montmartre, Paris. Play now!

Mondrian Squares Challenge Game

Play the Mondrian Squares Challenge game

Challenge Piet Mondrian to a classic game of "dots," and see who can paint the most squares on his canvas. Play Now!

Arts Game: The Search for Picasso

search for Picasso arts game for kids

Take a virtual walk through Montmartre in search of Picasso's studio. Play game now!

Athena Parthenos: moving a 3 ton sculpture

installing Athena Partenos at the Met

A video at the Met showing the installation of a 3 ton sculpture. Watch now!

Arcimboldo Fish Face

art games for kids, finding all the animals within this portrait by Arcimboldo

Guiseppe Arcimbolo has painted a portrait filled with sea animals - find them all! Play now!.

The art of Beware of Dog signs

the art of Beware of Dog signs

A collection showcasing the art of "Beware of Dog" signs. See more ...

Tjapanangka Desert Game

Print and play the Tjumpo Tjapanangka Desert Game

A multi-player game where you race through an abstracted Australian desert. Play now!

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