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Sand Painting Game, version 3

If you've enjoyed playing either our Sand Painting Game or our Sand Painting Game 2, try our new Sand Painting Game, version 3! The key difference here is that your elements will fall off the screen unless you utilize a stable element first, such as ground, wax, or plant. Be creative, don't just make a straight line! But here's another fun clue: try clicking to "plant" the seed element in the ground and watch what happens ...!

Native American Indian art Navajo sand paintings

Sand painting is an art form practiced by southwestern Native American Indians, more specifically, the Navajo Indians. In the Navajo culture, the paintings are made as part of a healing ritual, and are not meant to be seen as static art works. To learn more about Navajo sand paintings, click on the image at left to visit our Navajo Sand Painting page.

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