The Sandpainting Game, Version 2

This version of our popular Sand Painting Game features more elements, including animated zombies! Look in the bottom right corner - the default setting is 1 zombie - but we think it's more fun and crazy to throw 5 or 6 zombies into the mix. But please note - the zombies will just fall through the screen unless you start drawing with some other elements - create some solid matter lines (using steel, or rock, etc.) for them to climb on (or just click on the "walls" option at the bottom right so they can land on the bottom). Click here to learn about Navajo Sand Painting.

Flash Game: please note, this game is run with Flash technology and works best on a desktop computer browser that supports Flash. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, the Sandpainting Game Version 2 will appear blank.

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learn about Navajo Sand Painting as a healing ritual