The Pablo Picasso Face Color Generator

Instructions: Move the Picasso face around the screen with your mouse. By changing speed and motion, you can create different color patterns. Fill up the screen with designs of your own making!

Flash Game: please note, this game is run with Flash technology and works best on a desktop computer browser that supports Flash. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, you will get a message asking you to try it on a desktop computer.

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Click the green flag in the middle to start playing. To stop, clear, or start over: click on the red stop sign in the top right corner of the box to finish, and then click the green flag to clear the screen and start a new design.

"What can I do with this thing?" you might ask ... just about anything! Consider it a drawing tool, and experiment with layers, different thicknesses of lines and space, and so forth ... here's a few examples of drawings we made with the Picasso Color Generator:

An interactive online drawing tool using a Picasso face