Street art memorial to Bill Cunningham

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I was walking south on Washington Street in downtown NYC the other day and happened upon this little street art memorial to photographer Bill Cunningham, who passed away last summer. Cunningham was an American fashion photographer for The New York Times, known for his candid street photography with a focus on clothing as personal expression. […]

That tiny sticker art portrait looks familiar … it’s Walt Whitman!

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Sticker art graffiti artists like to place their “slaps” on the backsides of stop signs, and this one on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, is filled with a bunch of different images. But it was the tiny round sticker in the bottom corner (in red circle, below left) that caught my attention … a portrait […]

Where’s Waldo? He’s been found, and apprehended.

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You’re probably familiar with the series of picture books called “Where’s Waldo,” by the English illustrator Martin Handford, where one is given a vast, visually-busy picture (such as the one below left), with the challenge to find the “Waldo” character in the drawing. The graffiti artist “HiJack” had his own take on the Waldo theme […]

Not the Vermeer we expected

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I was walking around the Chelsea neighborhood on NYC and saw this altered logo for the Vermeer Corporation, which makes construction equipment, among other things. Most people associate the name Vermeer with the Dutch painter from the 17th Century, but the Vermeer Corporation has a construction worker rolling up his sleeves as their logo (below […]