Giant ants taking over the art gallery

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There’s a fascinating – and beautiful – show at two of Paul Kasmin’s galleries in NYC right now titled “Naturalia.” The exhibition is a collaboration with Sotheby’s Old Masters Department, allowing Kasmin to mix contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Walton Ford, Damien Hirst and many others alongside Old Masters such as Jan Brueghel the […]

Main art work mentioned in story about $250 million dollar house

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There’s a story circulating about a $250 million dollar home built on spec by Bruce Makowsky and BAM Luxury Development, located in the Bel Air neighborhood of L.A. The thing that caught my attention was that it comes fully furnished, including an art collection in the range of 120-150 original art works (the number varies […]

Don’t eat the sculpture!

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A Dutch artist wanting to help improve the living conditions of plantation workers in the Congo has created an unusual collaboration. Dutch artist Renzo Martens helped organize a group of plantation workers in the Congo who are grossly underpaid for their contribution to the $100 billion global chocolate industry. The group is known as the […]

Science experiment sculpture shaped by chance

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Here’s a series of sculptures by artist Dylan Lynch that have an interesting process. They are smashed-up 55-gallon oil drums, but there’s something unusual about the process in which they are crushed. It’s a very scientific process, not accidental at all … scroll down for more. Lynch refers to these as “imploded drums” — and […]

These sculptures were looking for a new home at Christmas

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There was a “pop-up shop” in Newport News that I visited over the holidays which was selling a range of gifts, including paintings, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, and other assorted arts and crafts. There were a series of small sculptures – I’m guessing by the same artist – that featured what I might politely call “unattractive” […]

If Star Wars characters were crossed with classical sculpture

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There’s a French artist who goes by the pseudonym “Travis Durden,” who has an interesting series of sculptures made out of faux-marble. He makes copies of statues found in the Louvre, but replaces the original head with the head of a Star Wars character. He doesn’t list the original source material (as far as the […]