Science experiment sculpture shaped by chance

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Here’s a series of sculptures by artist Dylan Lynch that have an interesting process. They are smashed-up 55-gallon oil drums, but there’s something unusual about the process in which they are crushed. It’s a very scientific process, not accidental at all … scroll down for more. Lynch refers to these as “imploded drums” — and […]

These sculptures were looking for a new home at Christmas

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There was a “pop-up shop” in Newport News that I visited over the holidays which was selling a range of gifts, including paintings, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, and other assorted arts and crafts. There were a series of small sculptures – I’m guessing by the same artist – that featured what I might politely call “unattractive” […]

If Star Wars characters were crossed with classical sculpture

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There’s a French artist who goes by the pseudonym “Travis Durden,” who has an interesting series of sculptures made out of faux-marble. He makes copies of statues found in the Louvre, but replaces the original head with the head of a Star Wars character. He doesn’t list the original source material (as far as the […]

Keeping things off-balance with Hervé Van der Straeten

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The French designer Hervé Van der Straeten got his start creating jewelry, and expanded his work into furniture, mirrors and lighting. I was introduced to some of his designs via the NY Times T Magazine, and wanted to share a few with you. The ones I like are the ones that seem off-balance, or have […]

Valerie Hegarty: American Berserk

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We’ve seen Valerie Hegarty’s work before: a look at Fallen Bierstadt, and also West Rock Branches, two art works where Hegarty recreates a masterpieces but transforms it into something altogether different. So it was a bit of a surprise to walk into her exhibition titled “American Berserk” at Burning in Water Gallery and see this: […]

Lars Fisk: a Con Ed truck turned into a round ball

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We’ve been having fun enjoying the work of Lars Fisk lately – between his “back-to-school” supplies of round pencils to his recent show at Marlborough Gallery, featuring more round ball sculptures. Today I stopped by Marlborough Gallery again to see a different show, but noticed they had a new Fisk piece on display on their […]