Kenny Scharf and his goal of making anti-elitist art

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Here’s an interesting video interview with Kenny Scharf about his painting “When the Worlds Collide” (1984), which is part of the new Whitney Museum show titled Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s. He offers some interesting anecdotes, such as pointing out the small homage to Keith Haring, who let Kenny use his studio to make […]

Artist spotlight: James Presley Ball

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As part of Black History Month, we’d like to provide artist spotlights on significant African American artists. Today’s spotlight will be on James Presley Ball (1825-1904), who was an early daguerreotype photographer. Considering that the daguerreotype process was first introduced in 1839, Ball was pretty cutting-edge to have opened his own daguerreotype studio in Cincinnati, […]

Agan Harahap’s revisionist history

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Indonesian artist Agan Harahap has created a series of images where he imagines how historical events might have transpired if superheroes really existed. Here’s a pair where World War II events get a boost from some of our favorite comic book characters: at left, Superman assists the Allies with recovering art stolen by the Nazis […]