Something smells here … or rather, it’s supposed to, but I don’t smell it

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I walked into the Marlborough Chelsea Gallery last week and was a little surprised to find it empty. What you see below is what I saw – nothing. (scroll down for more …) Then I walked to the rear gallery space (see photo below), and that too was empty, other than this large column in […]

Wearing a farmers’ market on your head

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I found these two unusual watercolor illustrations on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Collections” page, and they’re described as “Fantastic Hairdresses with Fruit and Vegetable Motifs.” They’re both by an unknown 18th Century French artist. It’s hard to imagine what these drawings were for, other than fantasy images, since the way they’re depicted suggests an […]

Post no Ralphs or Bills

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The phrase “Post No Bills” is ubiquitous on construction site walls throughout New York City, even though it rarely stops anyone from doing so. In this case, some joker decided to post a bill stating that one should not post any “Ralphs” either. Here’s another joker who wanted to suggest that posting no “bills” applied […]

Art in a Petri Dish

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The American Society for Microbiology holds an annual contest called the “Agar Art Contest,” in which microbiologists can submit works of art created in a petri dish. The first explanation required for us non-scientists is, what is “agar?” It’s a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweed, and is used as a culture medium for bacteria. […]

Empty picture frames at the White House

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I was watching some political coverage on CNN last night about President Obama’s last night at the White House and the transition for President-elect Donald Trump, when this image of empty picture frames popped up on the tv screen. They explained that there had been pictures of President Obama there, and they had been removed […]

Science experiment sculpture shaped by chance

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Here’s a series of sculptures by artist Dylan Lynch that have an interesting process. They are smashed-up 55-gallon oil drums, but there’s something unusual about the process in which they are crushed. It’s a very scientific process, not accidental at all … scroll down for more. Lynch refers to these as “imploded drums” — and […]