Industrial Abstraction via aerial views of Lawrence Point, Queens

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While looking for a good street view of the Steinway piano factory for my last post, I found myself taking a virtual tour of my old neighborhood in Astoria, Queens, including a peek around the Con Edison plant which takes up the northwest corner at Lawrence Point. As I was looking for different vantage points, […]

Mysterious giraffe pattern buildings in Newark

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Does anyone know anything about the mysterious giraffe-like pattern painted on the exterior of these two buildings in Newark? The top building is a Baptist church located at 606 Bergen Street, and the bottom building is (at the time of this picture) an empty commercial space at 63 Bruen Street. They’re about 2 miles apart […]

Construction site window into an urban montage

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There’s little cut-open “portholes” or windows in the plywood walls around various construction sites in NYC that allow a look into the site, as you can see in the picture below. (scroll down for more …) The openings in the plywood walls can serve as “frames” for a snapshot of what lies behind them. Sometimes […]

Windows on top of windows: architectural reflections

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve become more-interested in observing architecture and looking for interesting visual compositions in the various buildings and construction sites around New York City. There’s so much to see above the street level (such as this “Wow Factor” over at our sister site, The Arts Adventurer), it’s hard sometimes […]