Empty picture frames at the White House

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I was watching some political coverage on CNN last night about President Obama’s last night at the White House and the transition for President-elect Donald Trump, when this image of empty picture frames popped up on the tv screen. They explained that there had been pictures of President Obama there, and they had been removed […]

Science experiment sculpture shaped by chance

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Here’s a series of sculptures by artist Dylan Lynch that have an interesting process. They are smashed-up 55-gallon oil drums, but there’s something unusual about the process in which they are crushed. It’s a very scientific process, not accidental at all … scroll down for more. Lynch refers to these as “imploded drums” — and […]

Agan Harahap’s revisionist history

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Indonesian artist Agan Harahap has created a series of images where he imagines how historical events might have transpired if superheroes really existed. Here’s a pair where World War II events get a boost from some of our favorite comic book characters: at left, Superman assists the Allies with recovering art stolen by the Nazis […]

Where’s Waldo? He’s been found, and apprehended.

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You’re probably familiar with the series of picture books called “Where’s Waldo,” by the English illustrator Martin Handford, where one is given a vast, visually-busy picture (such as the one below left), with the challenge to find the “Waldo” character in the drawing. The graffiti artist “HiJack” had his own take on the Waldo theme […]

Blurring a line between science fiction art and fine art

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I was doing a Google search for something – I don’t remember what, exactly – when I happened upon a science fiction image that struck me as extremely artistic. I wished I had saved the picture on the spot, but I didn’t – but the thought stuck with me: why can’t fantasy art, or science […]