Arts Games for Teens

Page 4 of our collection of arts games for kids of all ages! There are over 50 games spread out over 4 pages, so make sure to check them all out!

Please note: games with the red "f" Flash logo indicates the game works best on a desktop computer with a browser that supports Flash technology.

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The Matisse Red Room Harmony in Red Game

Matisse Red Room Game

Find 5 differences between these two versions of Matisse's painting.

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Jeff Koons Gazing Ball Rotator Game

Koons Gazing Ball Game

Try to turn all of the green balls into blue Jeff Koons Gazing Balls.

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Play the Mondrian Boogie Woogie Breakdown Game

Mondrian Breakdown Game

Can you clear the board in the Boogie Woogie Breakdown Game?

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Play the Alexander Calder Optical Challenge Game

Calder Optical Challenge

Two visual games to challenge you with Alexander Calder's wire sculptures.

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Find 6 things wrong with Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World

What's wrong with Wyeth?

Can you find 6 things wrong with Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth?

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Play the Pablo Picasso arts game for kids

Picasso Blocks Game

Click on groups of matching Picasso paintings and try to clear the board.

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Play the Henri Matisse Moroccans Puzzle

Henri Matisse Puzzle

Scramble and then try to solve the Matisse Moroccans Puzzle.

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online drawing tool with the Picasso Color Generator

Picasso Color Generator

Create your own colorful designs with this Picasso drawing tool.

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Famous Artist and Still Life Match Game

Still Life Match Game

Can you identify which artist painted each still life painting?

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