Arts Games for Kids

Page 3 of our collection of arts games for kids of all ages! There are now 85 games spread out over 6 pages, so make sure to check them all out!

Please note: games with the red "f" Flash logo indicates the game works best on a desktop computer with a browser that supports Flash technology.

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play the Art History Portrait Match Game

Famous Portrait Game

Mix and match famous portraits to make new faces!

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play the Keith Haring Pinball Game

Keith Haring Pinball

Pinball requires keyboard with arrow keys to play

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play the Picasso Cubist Catch Me Game

Picasso Catch Me Game

Can you catch Picasso as he darts through cubist paintings?

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Graffiti Puzzle arts game for kids

Graffiti Puzzle

Scramble the graffiti and then put the puzzle back together!

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What's wrong with this painting by Edouard Manet titled Boating?

Edouard Manet "Boating"

Can you find 6 things wrong with this painting by Manet?

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The Mondrian Boogie Blocks Game

Mondrian Boogie Blocks

Take apart and put together Mondrian's Boogie Blocks!

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The Warhol Cow Wallpaper Game

Warhol's Cows

Can you find 5 things that we've changed in this Warhol art?

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Play the Architectural Challenge, a battle between Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright

The Architectural Challenge

Louis Sullivan battles Frank Lloyd Wright in tic tac toe.

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Van Gogh Quiz about the jobs he held

Van Gogh's Jobs

What jobs did Van Gogh have besides artist?

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arts game for kids about Picasso

Picasso Jump Game

Navigate Picasso through the cubist landscape!

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arts game find 30 characters in the art collage

Character Find Game

Can you find our list of 30 characters in this art collage?

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interactive arts activity where you can plant flowers in Monet's Garden

Flowers for Monet's Garden

An interactive arts activity where you plant flowers for Monet to paint.

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Online Hangman arts game for kids


Classic Hangman game with questions and words related to the arts.

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Play the Kandinsky Stay-Away Game

Kandinsky Stay-Away Game

How long can you avoid collision with objects in a Kandinsky painting?

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Musician and Composer Name Scramble Game

Name Scramble Game

Try to unscramble the famous musician's name based on the letters provided.

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