Art History Topics and Arts Investigations

Page 6 of our arts investigations collection. These features cover a variety of arts topics and ideas for general interest or that can be used by teachers to integrate with their lesson plans in the classroom. Check back often as we have an ever-expanding collection of free arts education resources!

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detail of a monster in a  medieval art work at the Cloisters in NYC

Monsters in Medieval Art

A look at an array of monsters in medieval art.

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Graffiti and street art on the Heavenly Auto Works building

Graffiti History of W. 22nd St.

A look at a 9 year history of graffiti and street art on West 22nd Street.

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a look at artists expressing emotion through their art works

Emotion in Art

A look how artists are portraying emotions in their art.

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an introduction to the 15th Century Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch

About Hieronymus Bosch

An introduction to the artist Hieronymus Bosch and his wild imagination.

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an interview with artist Emmanuel Laflamme

Emmanuel Laflamme

An interview with Montreal-based artist Emmanuel Laflamme.

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enigmatic street art seen in NYC

Enigmatic Street Art

A collection of inexplicable and enigmatic street art seen in NYC.

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an explanation of the white collars seen in subjects of Frans Hals portraits

Frans Hals Collars

A look at the white collar fashion in Frans Hals Paintings

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