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One of our original ideas in starting Artsology nearly 15 years ago was to create arts games for kids, hoping to engage them with fun games as a way to introduce them to art history ... and it seems to be working! We've got 83 arts games spread out over 6 pages, and 90 arts investigations which can be used as ArtsEd resources for the classroom, homeschooling, or just for fun and interest! Also, make sure to check out our exclusive series, The Arts Adventurer! Below are a highlighted selection of games, features, and arts adventures:

Abstract Expressionist
Battleground Game

The Abstract Expressionist Battleground Game

Shoot down the Guston heads as they fly by your Rothko! Play Now!

Magritte Mini Golf

play online arts game where Magritte is putting in mini golf using an apple

Practice mini golf putting with Surrealist artist Rene Magritte and his red apples. Play Now!

Op Art Stack Jam Game

online arts game called the Op Art Stack Jam Game

Stack up the Op Art paintings to clear them before the board fills up.

Click here to play now!

Geometric Art Maker

play the interactive art game Geometric Art Maker

Play our interactive art game which allows you to create geometric art. Play Now!

Who Painted That?

can you ID famous paintings with the subject airbrushed out?

Can you ID which artist painted each altered famous painting? Play game now!

Art History Class in 1 Video

A fun video with references to many famous paintings

How many famous paintings can you identify in this quirky video?

Watch now!

Tjapanangka Desert Game

Print and play the Tjumpo Tjapanangka Desert Game

A multi-player game where you race through an abstracted Australian desert. Play now!

Kandinsky Stay-Away Game

Play the Kandinsky Stay-Away Game

How long can you avoid collision with objects in a Kandinsky painting? Play now!

Motion in Art

A look at how artists portray motion in art

How do artists portray motion in art? Read more ...

Dog Paintings at the Louvre

Dog paintings at the Louvre

See a collection of paintings featuring dogs on view at The Louvre in Paris. See more ...

Graffiti Challenge Game

Play the Graffiti Challenge Game, where you tag walls in Chelsea, Williamsburg and Bushwick

An interactive graffiti game that takes you through NYC looking for walls to tag - take the subway out to Williamsburg or Bushwick, or stay in Manhattan - but stay out of trouble wherever you go!

Click here to play now!

Art & Jazz: Take the A Train

Duke Ellington Take the A Train

Listen to "Take the 'A' Train" by Duke Ellington and color, decorate, or collage elements on an image of a NYC subway car. See more ...

Le Bateau Lavoir: Birthplace of Cubism

Picasso studio Le Bateau Lavoir, home of cubism

Le Bateau Lavoir, Picasso's former studio in the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris where he invented cubism - seen then and now. Read more ...!

Matisse Hangman

Play the Matisse Hangman Game

Henri Matisse challenges you to a game of hangman featuring his art. Play Now!

Warhol "Death and Disaster"

detail of painting titled 5 Deaths by Andy Warhol from his Death and Disaster Series

A suggestion of Andy Warhol and Ralph Nader working together is debunked. Read more ...

An introduciton to the original Fun Books series

Check out our series of Vintage Fun Book Games.

Athena Parthenos: moving a 3 ton sculpture

installing Athena Partenos at the Met

A video at the Met showing the installation of a 3 ton sculpture. Watch now!

Andy Warhol Word Find

Print and play the Andy Warhol Word Find Game

A print and play Word Find featuring terms related to Andy Warhol.Get this Word Find about Andy Warhol!

Art & Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie and Be Bop

Be Bop by Dizzy Gillespie

An art project in which you compare the frenetic pace of the music to the style of "all-over" painting, including examples by Jackson Pollock, and then make your own art.

Frans Hals Ring Toss Game

Play the Frans Hals Ring Toss Game

Try to toss the "ruff collars" seen in Frans Hals paintings on the ring toss pole. Play now!

Van Gogh's Jobs

Van Gogh Quiz about the jobs he held

What jobs did Van Gogh have besides artist? Take quiz ➤

Edouard Manet "Boating"

What's wrong with this painting by Edouard Manet titled Boating?

Can you find 6 things wrong with this painting by Manet? Play now!

Graffiti Match Game

Montmartre Graffiti Match Game

A match game featuring graffiti and street art from Montmartre, Paris. Play now!

Interview with Mr. Hydde

interview with Toronto-based artist Mr. Hydde and his Bushwick Collective mural

An interview with Toronto-based artist Mr. Hydde, seen here in front of his Bushwick Collective mural. Read more ...

New game: Mondrian Squares Challenge Game

Play the Mondrian Squares Challenge game

Challenge Piet Mondrian to a classic game of "dots," and see who can paint the most squares on his canvas. Play Now!

Arts Game: The Search for Picasso

search for Picasso arts game for kids

Take a virtual walk through Montmartre in search of Picasso's studio. Play game now!

Arcimboldo Fish Face

art games for kids, finding all the animals within this portrait by Arcimboldo

Guiseppe Arcimbolo has painted a portrait filled with sea animals - find them all! Play now!.

The art of Beware of Dog signs

the art of Beware of Dog signs

A collection showcasing the art of "Beware of Dog" signs. See more ...

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